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Brain Awareness Week


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Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is an inspirational global campaign that unites those who share an interest in elevating public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain and nervous system research.

BAW focuses international attention on the field of neuroscience and offers opportunities for teachers and students to engage in fun educational activities. From dynamic classroom presentations and laboratory tours to enlightening museum exhibits and public lectures, BAW activities...

  • Inspire the next generation of scientists

  • Contribute to general understanding of basic brain functions

  • Improve public health by expanding awareness of neurological disorders

  • Make the connection between increased support for biomedical research and benefits to public health

The New Mexico Chapter of the Society and the Department of Neurosciences at UNM will mark this year's Brain Awareness week with an annual Neuroscience Day and awards for neuroscience-related projects at the NW New Mexico Regional Science and Engineering Fair. The Walker Award for Neuroscience Research and the Dail Award for Teaching Excellence are awarded annually at this time.

Brain Awareness Week Resources